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Patricia Paay
incl. The Star Sisters

Forever Young


Patricia Paay… La Paay… Dutch diva with international allure, but above all one of the Netherlands' best singers.
On April 7, 2024, Patricia Paay will blow out 75 candles. 

Music label CD-licious is celebrating this milestone with the oeuvre box set 'Forever Young: The Complete Album Collection & More' on no fewer than 13 CDs: from the first single from 1966 to her most recent recording from 2020, including the international mega successes with The Star Sisters. Of the 219 tracks, 43 are on CD for the first time; 17 tracks have never been released before.

The 13-CD box set collects all albums from her illustrious 60-year career, with many additional bonus tracks. Of course with the successes: 'Je Bent Niet Hip', 'Who's That Lady With My Man', 'Living Without You', 'Malibu', 'Who Let The Heartache In', 'Saturday Nights' and 'Tomorrow'. With The Star Sisters she reached the top of the European charts in 1983, leaving Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie behind.

In addition to her German-language singles, the collection also includes duets with Jacques Kloes, Will Tura, Gordon, Gerard Joling, Rob de Nijs, David Hasselhoff and Yvonne Keeley. Rediscovered tracks include her entry for the 1968 Sopot Song Contest, six

contributions to the album 'Zeg Het Met Bloemen' and the single 'Godzilla' by The Star Sisters, which was only released in Japan. Archives have found singles from 1968 and 1975 that were never released, plus 'Mambo Italiano' recorded in 2004. Patricia's love for jazz and standards is evident from six unique recordings from TV shows with the Metropole Orchestra, including 'New York, New York ', 'Smile' and Gershwin's 'The Man I Love'.

All 12" versions of The Star Sisters have been collected on one of three bonus discs, plus the previously unreleased song 'Rhythm', recorded in 1987 just before Patricia moved to America.


* Never before on CD | ** Never released before

CD 1 Portret van Patricia (1969)

1. Sim Sala Bim (Boom Bang-A-Bang)
2. Je Bent Niet Hip
3. Corriamo
4. Ik Herinner Mij
5. Dat Hoeft Niet Voor Mij
6. Grote Katastrofe
7. Wat Moet Ik Doen
8. Kleine Tovenaar
9. Dat Is De Liefde
10. Als Dat Zou Kunne
11. Dat Komt Door Jou
12. Tambourine Girl
13. Love In
14. Oh Oh Wat Was Jij Groen

15. Jij 
16. Het Geluk Heel Dichtbij*
17. Paarse Seringen*/Witte Bloesem En Jasmijn*/Rode Anemonen*/Zeven Rozen Uit Santa Monica*/Twee Rode Rozen*/Witte Rozen Uit Athen' *
18. Populair*
19. Jetzt Oder Nie*
20. Kind No. 10 (Second Hand Rose)*
21. Heut Seh' ich Ihn*
22. Bilder und Briefe*
23. Tambourine girl*
24. Rio de janiero*
25. Hey Taxi**
26. Die Boys Die Sich Die Halse Verdreh’n** 

CD 2 Singles & Rarities 1966-1974 

1. No one can love you like i do
2. Nothing Lasts Forever
3. You called me baby
4. Nobody ever made me cry before
5. Skol International Tune
6. Fisherman King
7. Photograph
8. Were You There
9. Love One Another
10. Tell Me You're Never Gonna Leave Me
11. One Huge Road
12. Put Your Hand In The Hand
13. Imagination
14. I Believe In Love - Honeypie
15. Ai, Ai, Ai, He Peeped Through My Window – Honeypie
16. Hang On - Heart
17. Sister - Heart
18. Stronger - Heart
19. Heartbreak - Heart
20. Lovemaker - Heart
21. Beautiful Woman - Heart
22. Music In The Air - Us 

CD3 Beam Of Light (1975) 

1. Love Where Are You Now
2. Million Dollars
3. Stairway To Heaven
4. Children Come Home
5. Please Crawl Out Your Window
6. Understand
7. Beautiful Woman
8. Sebastian
9. Tiger And A Lion

10. Breaking A Heart**
11. Call Me**
12. Patricia Anglaia - Kayak 

CD 4 The Lady is a Champ (1977) 

1. Livin' Without You
2. The Love Of A Woman
3. Everlasting Love
4. The World I Threw Away
5. Now (Is The Moment)
6. Love Takes Up My Mind
7. Who's That Lady With My Man
8. Poor Jeremy
9. Sebastian
10. Jolene
11. Someday 
My Prince Will Come 

12. That's How Strong My Love Is
13. How Do You Like Your Fun
14. Down Town
15. Do The Heavy Disco (Instrumental)
16. Now (Is The Moment) single versie* 

CD 5 Malibu Touch (1978) 

1. Malibu
2. Take Me Back To Denver
3. Baby Goodbye
4. Summertime Feeling
5. Moonraker
6. Lucky Lady
7. What Have You Done To My Heart
8. Is It Wrong
9. Tango '58
10. The Best Friend I Know – met Yvonne Keeley
11. A Circus-Clown
12. The Touch 

13. You Colour My Life*
14. You Make It Alright – met Jacques Kloes
15. Give It To Me
16. Back In The Business
17. Maybe / To Know Him Is To Love Him
18. We Don't Make Love Anymore
19. Sweets For My Sweet* - The Twits
20. Definitely Too Young* - The Twits
21. Mary Quant Disco* 

CD 6 Playmate (1981)

1. Saturday Nights
2. Out In The City
3. Amsterdam Airport
4. Will We Meet Again
5. A Dime A Dance
6. Beggin'
7. Who Let The Heartache In
8. Playmate
9. See Me Dance
10. Tell It Like It Is

11. Saturday Nights (Instrumental)
12. Queen For Tonight*
13. King For Today (Instrumental)* 

CD 7 Dreamworld (1983)

1. Premiére
2. Summer (The First Time)
3. What Becomes Of Love
4. Love Is (A Stranger)
5. Maybe This Time
6. Dance: 10; Looks: 3
7. Solitaire
8. I Can't Give Back The Love I Feel For You
9. For Once And For All
10. Tomorrow (From "Annie" )

11. Love Of My Life*
12. It Takes A Lot Of Love – met Will Tura
13. Smile**
Patricia Paay & het Metropole Orkest
14. Be My Baby**
15. The Man I Love**
16. C'est magnifique** - met Marco Bakker
17. Das Lied ist Aus**
18. New York, New York**

CD 8 Time Of My Life (1995)

1. Love On The Rocks (From "The Jazz Singer")
2. I've Never Been To Me (From "Priscilla")
3. Colors Of The Wind (From "Pocahontas")
4. Show Me Heaven (From "Days Of Thunder")
5. It's My Turn ( From "It's My Turn")
6. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (From "The Lion King")
7. Theme From Mahogany (From " Mahogany")
8. Beauty & The Beast (From "Beauty & The Beast")
9. Save The Best For Last (From "Priscilla")
10. Tomorrow (From "Annie")
11. A Whole New World (From 'Aladdin')
12. (I've Had) The Time Of My Life (From "Dirty Dancing")

CD 9 Singles & Rarities 1986 – 2020

1. Stop Me
2. Cut Them Down*
3. De Wereld – met Rob de Nijs
4. You're All I Need To get By – met Gordon
5. Zondagmiddag In Rotterdam – met Yvonne Keeley
6. Daddy
7. A Foggy Day
8. Misty
9. I've Got You Under My Skin
10. Mambo Italiano**
11. Bloedheet – met Gerard joling
12. Who's That lady With My Man 2009 extended
13. Verliefd – met Diego
14. Gay Sera Sera
15. Op Me Monnie*
16. Who's That lady With My Man 2009 radio edit

CD 13 The Star Sisters - Danger - The 12" Mixes 

1. Danger - 12 Inch
2. Danger (instrumental)*
3. He's The 1 (I Love) (Dance Mix)*
4. He's The 1 (I Love) (Dub Mix)*
5. He’s The 1 (I Love) (power mix)**
6. You Make Me Feel Alive (12" Remix)*
7. The Duke Of Dance - 12 Inch (Dance Mix)
8. The Duke Of Dance - (Extended Instrumental Mix)*
9. Are You Ready For My Love - 12 Inch (The Rap Mix)
10. Are You Ready For My Love - (Extended Remix)*
11. Are You Ready For My Love (special edit) B-kant*
12. Bad Girls - 12 Inch (Do Ya' Think I'm Sexy / Bad Girls / Do Ya' Think I'm Sexy / Hot Stuff / Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir? / That's The Way I Like It / Seks And Drugs And Rock ’N Roll / Let's Talk (About Sex) / We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off / Relax / Love To Love You / Kiss You All Over / Kiss / I Feel Love / Passion / Sexmachine / Gimme All Your Lovin' / Kiss / I Was Made For Loving You / Do Ya' Think I'm Sexy) 

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