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Mastering Fame

A note from the cd producer

It was a real pleasure to collaborate in the creation of this record, knowing that Fame is a true iconic show. The work took place in stages over several months. 

I had the luxury that both shows were recorded. Although both shows were of very high quality, I was able to choose the absolute best performance to include on this album.

The entire show was recorded with multitrack recording equipment, which means that each individual instrument was recorded separately with the highest audio standards.

This gave me the big advantage to highlight the performance of each and every instrument in the mixing process, including the vocals as well. Details that you might not have noticed when you attended the concert, sound fresh and clear on this album.

My main goal though was to optimize the audio mix, without ever taking away the naturalness and the energy of the show. My intention was always to restore the originality of the Fame concerts to the fans. 

In the final stage of mastering the album, we prepare the audio tracks for

manufacturing the CD. It is a delicate process to maintain the audio quality after the final mix was made. I think we succeeded very well to capture the emotions of the cast AND the audience of the Fame phenomenon in these concerts. Listening to the album, it really feels as if you are actually there.

As an extra, the CD album contains the track ‘Step Up To The Mike’, which is not available in the streaming services. Surely this CD is one of those unique records to own in your collection.

Claudio Van Westerhout